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 Discover the blues, rock, funk & soul cover band that are taking over the North Wales live music scene.


Naming, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Digital &

Print Collateral, Brand Identity.



Standing out

With hundreds of bands covering various genres all across the UK it's challenging to stand out from the crowd. We've been working with Luxsonic to give them the visual edge they need and to help them find their 'voice'. It's not easy to create a piece of artwork that captures the attention of a passer by, which is why we designed a bold and colourful brand identity to solve this problem.



Brand Positioning

The band already had years of experience when they approached us to help them re-design their brand identity, the task was to essentially capture the skills they had mastered over the years and portray them visually through their brand identity. 



"Thanks once again for the help and advice with our rebranding. The change of direction which we wanted for the band was brilliantly backed up by the

new look of our logo, marketing material and posters. Excellent job. Craig, Chris, Rob, Paulo and Simon."