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Music Concierge

Music Concierge is a well respected global music agency. They work directly with well established brands, developing music concepts, signature sounds and brand playlists.



Brand Identity Design, Digital & Print Material, Brand Development, Conceptual Design. 


Contrast, Minimalism & Luxury

Music Concierge work with high calibre brands, CEO’s and operators of large companies. These people tend to be sophisticated, discerning and well attuned to design cues. An established and high end target audience lead us to create a luxurious brand vision for Music Concierge.


Brand Mark

The Typemark and Brand mark we created resonates with the monochromatic colour scheme of Music Concierge. Combined with the identity's minimal layout it compliments the supporting typeface and the beautiful imagery of the clients that MC work with. 


"Our new brand identity should act as a platform to showcase our unparalleled client base and our deep musical expertise and credibility."

Music Concierge

"We are creative professionals, who for sure have real vision and flair, but also come from an organised agency that can make it all happen super-reliably, and can deliver a digital technology service at a high level of quality into incredibly demanding environments."