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Nxt Up

Nxt up is a unique platform that helps nurture up and coming athletes from all backgrounds in order to enable them to showcase their talents both on and off the field or court.



Brand Design, Messaging, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Digital Design, Print, Social Campaign.


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Brand Mark

The Next Up arrow monogram is versatile, recognisable and dynamic. The logo represents the trajectory of Next Up’s young athletes as they rise throughout their career to the top of their prospective sport.


Nxt Up wanted to build and grow their brand's social awareness, we designed social and web layouts that elevated their brand identity presence even further.

NXT UP Stationary.jpg
NXTUP Stationary 2.jpg
NXTUP Stationary 3.jpg
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Austin Jackson

Nxt up is a unique platform founded by Austin Jackson, an American professional baseball player. Targeting young athletes from age 12 and up, NxtUp represents more than just sports, it allows aspiring athletes to share their stories and experiences of growing up in the competitive world of sports.


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The Next Up website is a platform that allows the brand's followers to keep up to date with the sports and lifestyle Podcasts, Videos and Bloggs.

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