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A South Korean software company specialising in web application for business research intelligence.



Brand Design, Messaging, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Digital Design, Print. 


Scomot Logo Combo.jpg
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Brand Mark

The Scomot Logo takes inspiration from the shape of the letter ‘S’ and the minimalistic symbol of a propeller. It‘s bold simplicity and subtle meaning will help Scomot’s brand identity to become recognisable amongst it’s competitors and other successful brands. The logo mark is scalable and versatile meaning it’s suitable for a diverse range of applications.


Save time, control costs and reduce trial and error. 

Window Signage.jpg
Signage 1 .jpg
Signage 2.jpg

Scomot Founder - Hyungcho Chung

Scomot is well on it's way to becoming a global company, and their aim is to help their South Korean clients expand overseas, this is something Mr Chung feels that their major competitors have failed to do with their applications, therefore, creating a strong and universal brand identity was one of the main visual goals Adrenaline Design wanted to achieve. 


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Scomot Logo Combo White.jpg